Teach, Don’t Lecture

Teach, Don't Lecture

At JumpStart SME, we put our reputations on the line every time we recommend an expert. That is why we put every expert through a rigorous vetting process.

This process ensures that experts have been as carefully considered as every other part of your case. However, what advice should you give your expert in the event your case goes to trial?

Expert Advice for Your Expert

According to a recent article published in The National Law Review, “Experts who connect well with jurors are good teachers.”

Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach. —Aristotle

I did some digging to discover which attributes top-rated educators have, and how they help students to better understand tricky topics.

Here is expert advice for your expert (or should I say, Educator?):

  • Teach rather than instruct — a good witness should be focused on making sure jurors understand the material, rather than just lecturing
  • Have patience — explain things in the most basic way; don’t use unnecessary jargon
  • Be a strong communicator; speak slowly and clearly – smile frequently and maintain eye contact with jurors
  • Suspend your bias – strive to understand the true needs of a jury member; don’t make assumptions and treat everyone with the respect they deserve
  • Keep your cool – outbursts may lead jurors to both fear and mistrust you; take a break if needed


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