You can be confident that JumpStart SME uses a variety of search methods to find the right expert.

Our rigorous, data-driven searches and in-depth vetting process sets us apart from other search firms.

Building a case on the right expert

JumpStart Subject Matter Experts (SME) connects clients to the foremost specialists in all fields, including academics, industry specialists, business leaders, scientists, and medical professionals. With the insights and expertise of the right expert, our clients can make informed decisions — ensuring effectiveness when answering a complaint or arguing in court. We closely partner with you to understand the particulars of a case and your specific needs to ensure that the expert has been just as carefully considered as the other elements needed for a winning strategy.

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Our search process finds the right expert for even the toughest cases

Don’t leave expert identification to chance, outdated databases, or random recommendations. Large and small firms admit to crowdsourcing the one person who can make or break their cases. How often have you seen an e-mail asking, “does anyone know of…?” Our clients benefit from our 20 + years of experience cultivating relationships with experts and leveraging our well-honed research skills. This, along with our commitment to your success, allows us to find even the most obscure specialist in any field.

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Innovation balanced with roll-up-your-sleeves dedication

Our search processes are completely personalized and strategic. We begin by combing our proprietary roster of experts with whom we have established relationships to determine if there is a fit. From there, we mine knowledge management tools, including databases, industry resources, gray literature, and social media. Searches are continuously refined to yield just the right candidate. We vet candidates through a one-on-one interview process to identify those with the appropriate education and technical expertise, balanced with good communication skills and litigation experience.

You will receive a list of recommended candidates with their CVs, rates, professional licenses, list of publications and lectures, litigation experience, and our personal assessment of the expert.

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JumpStart SME transforms the expert witness search process.