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The Expert Roundup, Vol. 3

Welcome to The Expert Roundup Volume 3: a newsletter intended to help lawyers work more effectively with expert witnesses. We kick off this volume with an interview with Douglas M. Monasebian, MD, renowned plastic surgeon and Connie Standhart, MS, CRC, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant. We then move on to the concept

The Expert Roundup, Vol. 2

Welcome to The Expert Roundup where you will find ideas, advice, and information to help you work more effectively with expert witnesses. Despite the quarantine, JumpStart SME have had a banner month when it comes to retaining experts. Lawyers are catching up on cases and getting the best experts to


Welcome to the JumpStart SME News Capsule, a regular publication designed to help lawyers improve their litigation strategies by working effectively with experts. As a litigator, you are busy from the moment that you walk into the office until late into the evening when you answer your last e-mail.  At


Andrea Seiden
Jumpstart Subject Matter Experts (SME), LLC